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The Semi-Circle Basel

Building community through performance

News and Highlights

God of Carnage: final shows sold out

This compelling dark comedy won a Tony award for Best Play in 2009. Directed for the Semi-Circle by Luca Manganelli & Valentina D'Alessandro, this play takes us on a relationship demolition journey as two sets of warring middle-class parents come together, desperately trying and ultimately failing to uphold a veneer of civility.


Performance Dates:

March 22-24  at Bau3, Dornacherstrasse 192, Basel, and

April 4-5 at The Safe, Unternehmen Mitte, Gerbergasse, Basel


Alice Ginger Zagato  - Annette

Gianluca Rossato - Alan

Luca Manganelli - Michael

Valentina D'Alessandro - Veronica

GoC sold out.png

And Then There Were None 


Save the Dates: June 13-15 & June 27-29 at The Rampe, Byfangweg, Basel. Tickets are not on sale yet.

We are excited to announce the cast for our June production of:

Agatha Christie's classic play "And Then There Were None"


Rogers:                          Tony O'Sullivan

Mrs Rogers:                    Alison Bolton

Freda Narracott:              Tiina Sorjonen

Vera Claythorne:              Michèle Nicolet

Philip Lombard:               Cameron Gough

Toni Marston:                  Barbara Bekalska

William Blore:                  Rik Deurloo

General Mackenzie:          John Salusbury

Emily Brent:                    Magda Bednarska

Sir Lawrence Wargrave:    Paul Pieterse

Dr. Armstrong:                 Shashank Purushotham

Director:                  Daria Montijo

Assistant Director:    Luca Manganelli

Produced by Michael Bray

Monthly Play Readings

 Join us the first Monday of each month for a play reading.  Up to date information can be found on our What's On page.


You can join in the reading or you may simply watch. Non-members are welcome. Just turn up.


Centrepoint Library, Im Lohnhof 8, 4051 Basel

The Semi-Circle Basel is modern amateur theatrical community for actors, directors, stage managers, crew and more!

We believe that being involved in the performing arts builds community – especially important in an increasingly disconnected world.

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